HOY Bikes

Cycling was a special part of Chris’ childhood and has played a huge part in his life ever since. In truth it wasn’t medals that inspired Chris to cycle, it was his love of riding that inspired him to win medals.

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When Chris retired from competition, it was his dream to create his own range of bikes so the launch of HOY Bikes was a real milestone and something he is very proud of.

The beginning

Riding a bike, from that very first moment on a balance bike to enjoying family bike rides at the weekend and having fun with friends, is such a special part of many of our childhoods and this is the motivation behind HOY Bikes. Chris believes that those very first experiences have the biggest impact so designing a bike that was lightweight, built specifically for children and competitively priced was the goal.

Drawing on his experience

By his own admission, Chris is ‘a bit of a geek’ when it comes to bikes so the opportunity to really get his hands dirty and be involved in every aspect of the range really appealed. Working with the experts at Evans, from initial drawings to sizing up the components, looking at design options, visiting the manufacturing factory and spending time with the retail team, there is not one aspect of the range that Chris has not played a part in.

The best selling kids bike brand
at Evans Cycles

Excellent quality and light enough for my 8 year old daughter to keep up with dad!

12 December, 2018

This bike is perfect for our 9 year old. Light. Simple gear set up. Looks great. What more is needed?

12 December, 2018

Great solid built bike ideal for road and track use. Looks great and easy to ride!

12 December, 2018

High specification

Each bike in the range has been designed especially for children with all new frame tubing dimensions, lower-weight components, fewer spokes and special foam padding for the saddle to save weight and improve comfort. Combined with narrower cranks that put the feet closer together and mean no overstretched legs and an easy shift gear lever, the bikes ensure maximum comfort and therefore enjoyment.

Finding the right bike for your child

The first golden rule is to ensure that you buy a bike that fits your child properly. The second is to buy the best bike you can. At HOY bikes, the range begins with the Napier Balance Bike – a great starting point for a young rider’s first venture into cycling. Once ready to try pedals for the first time, the Bonaly 16” has been especially designed for small cyclists with details including extra small brake levers to provide easy control. For the full range of bikes, please visit