Chris is delighted to have been part of the development and backing of Skarper, a ground-breaking eBike drive system set to revolutionise the world of eBikes.

The Product

The genius of Skarper is its DiskDrive® ultralight, clip-on drive system technology. Skarper have engineered a full gearbox into the space of a rear disk brake. When not electrically driven, the disk behaves exactly as a normal disk without compromise on performance or function. Your bike is ready for electric drive at any moment. Precision features on the disk allow the direct connection of a Skarper motor drive unit whenever desired.

The Technology

A state-of-the-art electronic drive system has been integrated into a compact drive unit. High capacity Lithium cells provide class leading range and weight. A high torque brushless motor provides smooth power delivery to tackle any urban terrain. The drive unit has been engineered to click onto the DiskDrive® to instantly transform your bike into the ultimate eBike.

The Endorsement

For Chris, the future of eBikes lies within Skarper. “I’ve always been an advocate of getting more people on bikes, regardless of their fitness, ability, or age, and I’ve discovered that eBikes can play a huge role in making cycling more accessible to anyone. “It opens opportunities - whether it’s making a commute possible which would otherwise have been too difficult, keeping pace with a fitter friend for a challenging bike ride, returning to riding after an injury or illness, or just going further on your rides and seeing more for the same effort. “eBikes offer something for us all; I even take my kids to and from school on an eCargo bike which they absolutely love!”

Where to Buy

Skarper is set to hit the market in 2023. To be the first to get your hands on this revolutionary product and stay up to date on all things pre-sale visit