Chris is an accomplished public speaker and is as at home speaking at small, intimate gatherings as he is at international conferences in front of hundreds of guests.

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Chris’ experiences and achievements make him an incredibly interesting speaker, and the challenges presented to him and subsequently overcome during his stellar career have fascinating parallels in many other walks of life.


“The most incredible keynote from Sir Chris Hoy to wrap up an excellent couple of days. Inspiring, thought-provoking and demonstrating the importance of the little things… What an honour to have him close out our Xerocon London 2018 for us.”


“An insightful and inspiring keynote ‘turning dreams into reality’ from Sir Chris Hoy – one of the best keynotes I’ve attended over the last 20 years… An absolute privilege to hear him speak. Inspiration by the bucket loads!”


“Fantastic. In many years in the industry, I have rarely seen a crowd applaud and welcome someone in the way they did. Everyone was engaged, excited and very open to asking some great questions.”

International Hotel Group

“Chris was thoroughly professional throughout the process, from planning to delivery. During the Q&A his content was highly engaging and motivational and this captured and maintained high levels of interest from our delegates who all left inspired.”

Hearing Dogs

“We can’t tell you how fab he was! He is totally authentic, a thoroughly decent chap who wears his fantastic achievements very lightly, yet is so generous to members of the public who want photos and autographs.”


“Sir Chris and his team were brilliant to work with and really delivered value for our client. Chris excelled at everything we asked him to do, from Q&As, to one-on-one conversations with senior business leaders, to filming. And his determination to cycle with each and every guest during our velodrome session made our client’s event really stand out. One of the best ambassadors we’ve worked with.”